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Thai yoga massage

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures. This body art work dates of 2500 years and originated in India. With no use of oils or lotions, giving massage is understood to be an application of metta or loving kindness on the body reciever. This massage is a spiritual practice done in a meditative state applied on the energy body of the reciever. You can’t find a massage with such deep philosophy and meaning in Europe. Thai yoga massage is unique and beautiful.

Using acupressure and stretching similar in Hatha Yoga, this is the massage by excellence to reconnect body, mind and soul. It stimulates the immune system and blood circulation, increase mobility and flexibility of articulations and muscles, relaxes considerably the body and free it from stress.

The flow during the massage helps the reciever to regain inner peace and balance, to take time to reconnect mind and body, and to be one with the entire universe….

Thai yoga massage will give that unique experience of bliss and happiness.

Approximative time for full body 1h30

Price 130zlp

Location Henryka Sienkiewiyca 27/10


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